Friday, January 8, 2010

Superconscious = Soul

In psychology the superconscious is the equivalent term to the soul, as used in spirituality and relating branches.
As I got to know, the superconscious is that part of us that is connected to the creator, to the divine, to the largest intelligence of the universe, or anything we might call it.
That part of us that is already everything it was originally meant to be.

“YOUR TRUE BEING, which is WHO YOU REALLY ARE, precedes everything.”

The "I Am That I Am" that transcends personality from lifetime to lifetime is the superconscious. It exists beyond the personality identity of the conscious and the genetically inborn collective unconscious. As Jung suggested, the superconscious is what the Hindu called the "higher" conscious. It communicates in synchronicity and intuition and is comprised of soul memory and past-life experiences. The "I Am That I Am" of the superconscious is the soul that transcends lifetimes.

Bodily wise, humans are known to share 99.99% of the same DNA with other human fellows. Do you think this is a coincidence? It takes only a peek inside our own cells to know what we really are. We are all the same, originally we are actually one. And furthermore, that sameness is the reproduction of what we are known to be at soul level (superconscious level): unity expressed in a single entity. The collective, individualized. A portion of divinity.
Like when you take a glass of water out of the sea, it appears to be just that: a glass of water. But if you analyze it, the composition is the same as its source. It is a portion of the sea in a container. So are we, as a figure of speech.

“The soul’s consciousness emerges from the soul’s State of Being. That is, One with everything, across all time and in every place.”

We are said to be on a journey thru a relative world. The term relative, meaning that everything exists in relation to something else.
Thus, time exists because space exists. Up exists because down exists. Light exists because darkness exists. Past exists because present exists. Birth exists because death exists.

Although, our ultimate reality is known to be absolute, that is, there are no experiences of opposites. Actually, there are no experiences, just a state of being.
There is no separation, there is no darkness, there is no death, there is no time.
And our souls are in that state of being: absolute, infinite, eternal, illuminated.
The current journey of our souls is just a passing among infinite chances that defy credibility. The experience of a soul is up to that soul, so whatever is held in sustained belief creates a perspective, which in turns is the direct cause of the experienced reality.
If the perspective is short, than the reality will be short. If the perspective is reduced to a life of birth, growth and death, than the reality will be experienced like that.

And that is what “the power of the mind” really means. By use of the mind we create a perspective that hold our entire experience of the reality we call “my life”.
If the mind is lowered to the level of subconscious reactions, the perspective is going to be reactive instead of deliberated, and the reality we will experience will be a series of random happenings and chaotic events.
If the mind is kept consciously aware, it can be trained to choose a perspective with a wider field of possibilities, and the reality we will experience will be more controlled.
Now, if the mind is raised to the level of the superconscious, the conscious mind can be used to access a state of being were the soul takes charge of every decision and outcome, and we will not be lost in “doing stuff” or struggling our way to get everything we want. We will use our minds to train itself to stop the compulsive thinking. To leave wider spaces for our minds to just BE still. And that will leave more space for the superconscious mind to infuse our minds with that larger intelligence that is the actual creator of realities.

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