Saturday, January 9, 2010

Earthly creatures, heavenly beings. Putting all together:

Our individuated selves are a part of a larger intelligence, and our superconscious minds are fully aware of that fact. At subconscious or even conscious level we might not be, but there is always an innate response we all human have to bond beyond imposed borders or labels of any kind.
As a natural expression of who we are, we do feel attracted toward each other and to a higher source of whatever kind. It is automatic, and no science can explain with exactitude how this happens. It happened in the Stone Age, when humans were said to worship the forces of nature, even when they could not understand what they were. It happened through our entire history, in every nation, no matter the creed. And it continues happening, it is fascinating how we are intuitively responsive to a larger truth. And in current times, when the outward commodities are of infinite number, worshipping divine forces without knowing why are we actually doing this, is not enough. We yearn to know what we are; who we are, why we are and how are we doing what we do.

 Can it be possible that we are not fully aware of our own truth? As individuals and as the collective? The soul (superconscious) is the integrating key.
It is the order in the chaos, eternity in the limited time, serenity in the madness, certainty in the fear.
The soul is what makes sense of everything we experience here on earth. It is what puts everything into context. The knowledge and the wisdom of every part, relative and absolute, past and present, doubt and certain, lays quiet in the soul. The subconscious mind keeps our magnificent instrument alive, the superconscious mind takes us beyond the world of sense perceptions, and the conscious mind is the tool to access it. We are earthly creatures, dwelling a perfect vehicle to be used with a single purpose: express our divine nature.
The grounds of the mind and beyond, is like a closed door that keeps secluded a Pandora’s Box. The studies are advancing and more is known now about us.
What in ancient times was considered outrageous theories is now part of the global library of scientific documentations.
The movement for a holistic view of the human existence is pushing its way to be considered and never ignored any more. Classic physics fails to explain accurately the whole impact of tiny elements interacting with each other, as that is what we actually are in fundamental nature. New trends of science are gaining force by raising our awareness to new perspectives and astonishing data.
It is our responsibility now, to become aware and open our minds. The need is compelling, for no one can ignore the magnitude and vastness of our existences. A regular life with regular perspectives is no longer enough, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves of the contrary. Deep inside we carry the immensity of the universe, and deep inside we know this.

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