Thursday, January 7, 2010

Superconscious mind

I have come to the last of the three levels of consciousness that any given human being has. And for me, it is the most important one.

As I said before many times “what we hold in our minds is what we experience as real”. Thus what we believe is WHAT IS in our experience.
No one has the last word in what we experience, and not 2 experiences are the same.
Perspective is everything, and no one can convince us of a different perspective if it does not match our own. The choice of perspective is a personal and private matter.

Now, to understand what the superconscious mind is, we have to open our minds to have a larger picture of the experience we call life and leave disbelieve aside for a while. Later, you can decide as I said, if this truth matches your own.
I feel just as a tiny speck behind the grandness of God’s perfect plan. I don’t know if I can use the word “my” life anymore. Not even “life”, it makes me feel as if I am belittling the enormous, humongous reality. So I know that any description will always be but a slight resemblance of what actually is.

When I explained about the subconscious mind, and the mechanism behind that grand orchestra, I came into the same conclusion that many had: there is a largest intelligence in charge of our existences. During the renaissance time, the established theory among physicians was that “some spirits kept the body alive”. But the whole description of the human physiology was based more on religious assumptions than in the scientific method of direct observation and reproduction of mechanisms.

As this method delayed the advancement of science, the tendency turned into a more materialistic and pragmatic style, leaving a gap between mysticism and materialism. This trend became the foundations of modern science, thus the scientists are among the most skeptic observers and rational critics of spiritual matters. But not just them, this rationalization of facts have infected our entire cultural background with disbelieve.

Even though, when science has taken us into a never dreamed era of advancements, the methodical study and elucidation of the human body is still incomplete.
There are several grounds of our existences that remain unexplained. There are effects and events that startle and fascinate in the same time. There are scientific reports of mysterious happenings and incredible abilities of living humans.
Here the ground fails to be there for pragmatisms, and our intuition assisted by an open mind take the wheel.

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