Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year New Opportunities

Let me start the year with an ongoing awareness.
In another of my “flash-out-of the blue” insights, I pictured the coffin I drew above.

And the caption went like this:
There is not impossible situation in your present lifetime. Impossible is something you are making up.

When you are conceived, the word “impossible” is imprinted in the fertilized egg, your very original cell. Like guarded in a coffin, locked and than left buried deep within your DNA. That cell replicates to originate every cell that your body now has.
Thus you have the word, the idea of “impossible” literally imprinted in every cell of your body.
You might conclude than, that you are nothing but a victim of genetics. But that is not the case.

“Impossible” is something you are making up. Be it conditioned or not, aware or unaware. You see, you are neither your cells nor your body.
You are not even your mind or your soul. Who you are is not what you “THINK” you are.
And you have plenty of time to realize this fact, and also numerous reminders along the way. Can you see that your unawareness is something you choose? Not something that you can not help?

If you just hear once, just one time but fully, intentionally. Than you will never have to experience every “illusion” you have bought in to.

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