Sunday, January 10, 2010

Role of the Soul, function of the Mind

To understand how the superconscious (the soul) determines ultimately our reality I am going to use a metaphor.

Let us say that I am a successful business person. No, I am the most successful business person in the whole planet (mind me Mr. Gates). That means, I have enough wealth to assure the future of a large number of generations of my

One day, without announcement, I suddenly lose my memory: pum! vanished.

I wake up covered by the finest fabrics, in a room with enough space to fit a yacht and the sense of luxury that only the finest decoration could add. Observing the environment, I obviously conclude that I am a well-heeled person.

After a while, I am heading on to my daily business, disregarding the fact that I do not remember how I made this huge empire. I take my risks; continue investing here and there, just following the occasional hunches. I feel free to simply follow my intuition, and I succeed.

 Now, with this metaphor I can explain easily what I am heading on to.

 Our ultimate truth, is that our existence is guaranteed, and that our journey trough this physical plane is meant to be joyful, abundant and designed for our spiritual involvement. We are all born with a largest agenda, the agenda of our souls. To experience the expression of the highest image of ourselves.

We do not remember this though, because our True Identity and our Soul Agenda are matters of our souls, which we are not aware of all the time.

Any way, our living conditions (including environment, people, time and situations) are a sign post for our minds to know the natural road to take.

From time to time, through the experiencing of our lives, we get these “Soul-to-mind” direct messages, that we interpret as hunches, or intuition.

And if we get to make those communications a matter of priority, the domains of the Superconscious can be accesses. It is in here, that our truly creative nature is unleashed.

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