Friday, February 5, 2010

The 30 Second Secret To Blasting Your Energy Levels Through The Roof

There is an underlying inner sleep system which the quality of your sleep and your daily energy levels highly depend on.

When your body produces feelings of “sleepiness” to send you a signal that you later interpret in a way like… “I feel tired, I better get to bed…”

Most people don’t know how to use this system to their advantage…

Your Body’s Natural Body Temperature Rhythm Plays A Key Role In How Much Energy You Have!

In grade 5 science class, most of us are taught that our body temperature stays at a constant 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit (36.6 Celsius). In reality, this is false. Your body temperature varies by about 6 degrees every day. This rise and fall of your body temperature is known as your body temperature rhythm, or as some like to call it your “circadian rhythm.”

Believe it or not, it’s this rise and fall of your body temperature that plays a major role in:
  • When you feel sleepy
  • When you feel energized.
When your temperature is dropping, you feel “sleepy” and more towards the “tired” side. This is like a cue for your body to create feelings of sleepiness.
When your body temperature is rising, you tend to feel energized, alert, relaxed, and more “awake”.

Quick method to blast your energiy levels:

95% of the times when you feel sleepy and tired during the day, it has nothing to do with how much you slept during the night (unless you are severely sleep deprived), how much sleep you need at that moment, or how much rest you need. 95% of the time when we feel tired, sleepy or lethargic is because our body temp. is dropping. And the body temp. falls usually due to one of the three reasons here:

1. After intense physical exercise.
2. After a long period of physical activity.
3. Right after being still or inactive for a long period of time.

The point is: Most of us mistake this drop of body temperature for the need to sleep. So we end up taking long naps, or rest and we actually lower our energy even more.

This is what you do:

 All you have to do is to reverse this body temperature. And the way to do that is to take a short 5-10 min. period of intense physical activity. This can be simple as going outside to play with your kids, going to play with the dog, taking a run around the block or just going away for fresh air or jumping up and down. In sum: get your body in motion.

Now, when we have an intense routine, with a lot of physical activity we will feel exhausted at the end of each day. This will rest the quantity of waking time and quality time in our lives. So instead of going straight to sleep at the end of a busy day, we can try out using this technique to raise our energy and drive in our lives.


el joma said...

good one maky. i didn't know this!

maks said...

sounds promising huh? I tried it a couple times already and yep: works. Though I still recommend naps once in a while.